Antifreeze anf Brake Fluid Corrosion Inhibitors

Antifreeze corrosion inhibitor protects against corrosion and rusting by

  • covering a protective film layer on the metal surfaces in the engine cooling system
  • establishing a zero charge potential
  • preventing against scale formation
  • adjusting the coolant ph value for the ideal metal protection
  • supplying reserve alkalinity to neutralise acidic by products due to meg and glycerol decomposition
  • preventing hot surface sludge and scale deposition on the surfaces

Organic (OAT) technology is composed of completely organic acid technology and does not contain inorganic additives. Organic acids in OAT corrosion inhibitor effectively forms a shield layer on the metal surfaces for the prevention of corrosion and rusting. Each metal type is protected by double to triple sort of organic acids to guarantee long drving hours of protection.

Hybrid-Organic (HOAT) technology is composed of completely organic acid technology and also supported by phosphates and alkanolamines and does not contain other inorganic additives. Extra phosphates in OAT formulation gives longer kilometer corrosion protection for the coolants.

Nitrited OAT (NOAT) corrosion inhibitor contains OAT inhibitors plus nitrite and molybdate  for higher hot surface Aluminium and cavitation protection of heavy duty diesel engines

Inorganic acid (IAT) technology corrosion inhibitor is composed of inorganic additives plus organic acid for Aluminium protection to guarantee Aluminium corrosion protection in the cooling system.

Beser corrosion inhibitors contain dispersing agents and hardness scavengers in order to prevent scale and sludge deposition on the cooling system surfaces.

Beser antifreeze corrosion inhibitors complies with ASTM D3306, ASTM D1384 and TS 3582:2006-04 standards.

BESER BFCI is all in one additive for dot 3, dot 4 and dot 5.1 hydraulic brake fluids composed of specialty corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants in glycol ethers and glycols. BESOL BFCI complies with FMVSS No : 116 standard.

Brake Fluid Corrosion Inhibitor

NOAT Corrosion inhibitor

IAT Corrosion inhibitor

OAT Corrosion inhibitor

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