Glycerin is produced by the breakdown of triglycerides, widely used in  food, medicine, cosmetics, soft drinks. Semi-refined raw glycerin is also used as automobile tyre polishing raw material, paint and resin additive, as an antifreeze raw material.


  • Glycerine is a sugar alcohol and the hydrophilic alcoholic hydroxyl groups in its strucature provide easy dissolution in water. Glycerine has high boiling point around 290 °C.
  • It is used in the industry as consistency and viscosity regulator, luster, moisture retainer and is one of the main component in many industrial chemicals.
  • Thanks to its moisturizing feature, it is very common to use it in personal care products and also in many different sectors.
  • It is used in food and beverages as a moisture scavenger, solvent and sweetener and helps to protect foods.
  • It has a frost retardant property.
  • Refining the biodiesel by-product, crude glycerine, provides the minimum requirements for the industrial use of the glycerin needed by the industry.

Technical Glycerin

Pharmaucetical Glycerine

Refined Crued Glycerine