Metal Cutting Fluids

Metal Cutting Fluids
Cutting and finishing fluids are used for lubrication, cooling and removing of metal chips during processing. Cutting fluids provide lubrication by forming a film between the tool tip and the metal treated. The film layer provides a smooth metal surface to prevent wear of the tool tips. It also prevents deforming of tool tips and metal by cooling. It removes the chips with the washing detergents in its contents and provides a smooth surface.

Water soluble oil
The highest lubricating power fluids are oil in water emulsions. These emulsions, also known as boron oils, are products in which mineral oil is converted into a water-soluble form together with emulsifier packages containing application-specific additives. (EP/AW, biocide, antifoamer, anticorrosion additives)

Fully synthetic
The highest cooling fluids are full synthetic products. These products are semi-transparent or fully transparent and do not contain mineral oil and can be diluted with water. It contains additives such as EP/AW additives and rust inhibitors according to the metal processing area.

They contain less oil than oil emulsion type boron oil. They are preferred in applications where lubrication and cooling requirements are required in a range between boron oil and full synthetic products.

Semi Synthetic

Fully Synthetic