OAT Corrosion inhibitor – BESOL – 210 M


  • Used for the production of G12, G12+  type organic antifreezes
  • BESOL 210-M is designed specially for Aluminium alloy engine and radiator corrosion protection by Full Organic Acid Technology (OAT) formulation.
  • Each metal in the cooling system is protected by multi organic acids to have perfect long kilometer protection.
  • Dispersing agents and scale inhibitors prevents from surface deposition and sludge formation
  • BESOL 210 complies with ASTM D3306
  • Does not contain any harmfull substance for the environment
  • Does not contain silicates, borates, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates and amines


  • Concentrated coolant : % 9 (w/w) BESOL 210 is admixed with 91% (w/w) monoethylene glycol
  • Reserve Alkalinity of concentrated coolant : 11-13 ml
  • %33 dilution of the concentrated coolant pH : 7,75-8,50


Appearance Clear yellow liquid
pH 8,50-9,50
Solubility 100% in glycols and water
Density(g/ml) 1.20-1,30


  • 220 kg barrel
  • 1100 kg IBC container
  • 20 mt truck