HOAT Corrosion inhibitor – BESOL – 110


  • BESOL -110 is a Hybrid-Organic (phosphated OAT) antifreeze corrosion inhibitor composed of dicarboxylic acids, monocarbocylic acid, alkanolamine, phosphate and other surface actives which are making perfect protection layers on the surfaces of all the metals in the cooling system.
  • All the metals are protected by multiple organic acids and supported by phosphates and alkanolamines.
  • Protects motor cooling system metal surfaces against rusting, corrosion and scale formation for long kilometers.
  • Prevents scale formation due to hard water.
  • Does not contain silicate, nitrite, nitrate, chromium, borax


Appearance Clear light yellow liquid
pH 8,50-9,00
Solubility 100% in glycols and water
Density(g/ml) 1,10-1,20


  • 220 kg barrel
  • 1100 kg IBC container
  • 20 mt truck