Peelable Coatings

Peelable coatings can be produced as solvent based and water based. Water-based  products are preferred because of occupational health and safety concerns.

  • In order to protect the cars from the external environment in car care centers during maintainance
  • As a packaging to ensure that the metal surfaces are stored in the open space to protect from corrosive effects,
  • In order to protect various equipments from moisture and ultraviolet light during transportation and storage
  • To prevent wear, scratching and staining of boats during manufacturing, transportation and storage.
  • To protect contamination of surfaces during construction-decoration affairs
  • Peelable coatings are used for furniture, wood, marble, MDF, plastic, fiberglass products to to protect outer surfaces.
  • Peelable coatings can be easily applied by spraying on all kinds of surfaces and it provides ease of use in order to be easily removed from the surfaces after the need. The peelable coatings are manufactured by Beser Kimya in various types according to customer demands.