Soluble Cutting Oil Emulsifier (Boron Oil) – BESER BYE


  • BESER BYE is high pressure resistant cutting and cooling oil emulsifier.
  • BESER BYE contains high pressure resistant additives, corrosion and stain inhibitors, antioxidants & antiseptic.
  • Cutting oil prepared with BESER BYE gives excellent milky oil in water emulsions.
  • Emulsions prepared with BESER BYE are stable for a long time with water hardness max. 600 ppm.
  • Emulsion of BESER BYE is made by mixing in 95/5 ratio with water of 250 ppm hardness gives excellent nonstaining results referring to IP 125/77 and DIN 51360 standards.
  • It is highly soluble in light neutral or spindle oil.
  • It is free from phenol, cresol and nitrite.


  • 20 % BESER BYE and 80% spindle oil or light neutral is mixed to prepare cutting oil which giving milky emulsions in water.
  • Emulsions of  products made with BESER BYE is used for cooling and lubricating purposes during machining process without causing metal staining.
  • BESER BYE is mixed with spindle oil or light neutral at a concentration of 17-20% (w/w) depending on the hardness of water.  Resultant soluble oil is emulsified with water 95/5% (v/v).
  • Soluble oil product made with BESER BYE gives pH 8,0 ± 1,0 for the ratio of water /soluble oil of 95/5 (v/v).


Appearance                    Clear amber-brown liquid

Chemical structure       Specialty esters of phosphates                                             and fatty acids

Active content               min 98%

pH (10%)                         7-9

Solubility                        Clearly dissolves in mineral oil,                                               glycol ether

Inonic character          Anionic


  • 200 kg barrel
  • 1000 kg IBC container