Starch glue rheology modifier – BESER LB

BESER LB  is starch glue tackifier-rheology modifying agent for corrugated boards

Beser LB is used as directly substitution of powder borax during starch glue cooking process as a liquid fixative-tackifying agent.

  • BESER LB liquid is equivalently used as borax substitution in starch glue. 0,8-1 kg of BESER LB is used instead of 1 kg of Borax.
  • The liquid product modifies the kinetic of glue solidification modifying the chemistry of starch gelation.


  • Homogeneously mixing in the starch glue easier than the powder borax and elimination of lump formation
  • Less mixing times of the cooking starch glue by the advantage of the liquid form
  • Stronger hydrogen bonding with starch structure and much better tackifying performance
  • Lower glue consumption due to better rheology on the flute tips
  • Easy and all the time constant metering of the liquid product to the starch tank
  • Eliminates solids handling equipment processing problems such as caking
  • Elimination of dusting caused by conventional powder borax processing

Stability and Storage


Temperature 5-30 °C

Stir before use

Shelf life                                                                                                                             

9 months


1400 kg IBC container

27 mton tanker