Tacky Surface Coating – BESOL BYK


  • Formulated to provide an adhesive and non-drying coating at ambient temperature.
  • Solvent free.
  • Creates a clean film.
  • It is water based and does not contain chemicals harmful to human health.
  • Protects the long-lasting adhesive film.
  • Easily washed away with water.
  • It can be easily reapplied by spraying on the booth walls
  • Tacky film holds the dust and excess dye.
  • It protects paint booth from airborne pollutants.
  • Improves paint finish quality.
  • Keeps paint booth in new condition


Wash the spray booth thoroughly with water before using BESOL BYK. After drying of the surfaces, the walls are covered by spraying the product.

Stability and Storage

  • Stable for 1 year under 5-35 °C storage conditions
  • Keep in its original container in a cool area


Appearance Viscous liquid
pH 7-9
% Solid Matter 40-43
Viscosity, sec (ford Cup No:4) 120 – 160
Density (g/ml) 1,10 – 1,14


  • 5, 30 kg bin200 kg barrel
  • 1000 kg
  • IBC container