DashBoard Polishing Agent – BESER TPS


  • BESER TPS is a concentrated silicon free and superantistatic-dust repellent polishing raw material used for the manufacture of dashboard polish milk products.
  • BESER TPS is applied to dashboard, chest area, side skirt, and motor plastic case regions providing permanent shiny look.
  • The product protects polyurethane, plastic parts by making a protective shiny film on the surfaces.
  • Superantistatic product gives longlasting dustless surfaces.
  • BESER TPS is easily admixed with water and viscosity enhancers
  • Does not contain any harmfull chemical


1 kg BESER TPS is used by diluting with water.

For best polishing results 1 kg BESER TP is diluted with 3 to 5 kg’s of water.

Beser TP and water is easily mixed with a proper stirred tank

Stability and Storage

  • Beser TPS is stable after exposure to freezing and warm weather conditions


Appearance Light yellow, Liquid
pH 7
Density(g/ml) 1,00 ± 0,05


  • 30,60 kg plastic bin
  • 200 kg plastic barrel
  • 1000 kg IBC

1:15 emulsion