Wood Pallet Antifungal (antisapstain) Protection – BESER ASP

Beser ASP is a mold, sapstain fungi and algae protection chemical for wooden pallets. Although the producers are making baking and drying in the production of wooden pallets, it is aimed to use the pallets for years rather than a couple of times. Pallet protection is a very sensitive issue especially in the preservation of food products and in the export of EUR pallet products. Beser ASP prevents undesired black-blue and green coloring of the wood affectively


  • Prevents the formation of sapstain during transport and storage of wood.
  • The product is in concentrated form and has high penetrating power for the wood.


  • 1 kg of BESER ASP is diluted with 9 kg of water prior to application
  • Wood pallets has to be dipped in the treatment solution for 15 minutes.

Product affect on wood in sapstain fungi culture       –    wood without preservative in sapstain fungi culture

  • 14 days test result in sapstain fungi culture


Appearance Milky white liquid
pH 7,0-9,0
Density(g/ml) 1,00 – 1,10


  • 30 kg bin
  • 220 kg barrel
  • 1100 kg IBC container