Corrosion Inhibitors

Antifreeze corrosion inhibitor protects against corrosion and rusting by

  • Covering a protective film layer on the metal surfaces in the engine cooling system
  • Establishing a zero charge potential
  • Preventing against scale formation
  • Adjusting the coolant ph value for the ideal metal protection
  • Supplying reserve alkalinity to neutralise acidic by products due to meg and glycerol decomposition
  • Preventing hot surface sludge and scale deposition on the surfaces


Organic corrosion inhibitor packages for G12, G12+ organic coolants ( antifreeze ) gives long life protection for vehicle engine, radiator and cooling system. Extended life coolants should also give protection for lightweight Aluminium alloues described in WW/AUDI/PORCHE TL 774 standard


ORGANIC COOLANT CORROSION INHIBITOR PRODUCT FEATURES Used for the production of G12 type organic antifreezes Designed specially for Aluminium alloy


BRAKE FLUID CORROSION INHIBITOR PACKAGE For DOT 3 and DOT 4 Production Mixture of surface active agents and specialty esters