We produce antifoamer/defoamers for different industrial applications

Defoamers are one of our highly focused business which we produce several active defoaming chemistries at our facilities.

Aside from silicon oil defoamers, Beser produces non-silicon chemistry water and mineral oil based defoamers.

Beser Chemicals have succesfull proven background on industrial defoamer and antifoamer development for the special processing conditions. Industrial processes frequently encounter the problem of foaming which can be a serious bottleneck to have the desired production capacity. Each foaming medium due to its chemical and physical properties need different defoaming solution. Frequently defoamers used for the specific processes might be over higher cost than other proper solutions.

Beser Chemicals by thanks to its highly expert technical team plays vital role on defoaming projects by ;

  • Selection of the optimum defoamer type and dosage
  • Lowering the cost of your present defoamer used
  • Supplying a higher performing alternative

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