We are diversfying our emulsifiers portfolio

Our emulsifier packages for textile oils, cotton picker solvents, soluble oils, knitting oils, agricultural spray oil, form relase oils developed by customer demands and we create tailor made solutions for our customers product emulsification performance needs.

Our knitting oil emulsifier package used 8% give perfect needle lifetime by preventing wear and corrosion. It is composed of thermally and oxodative stable components enable color stability of the knitting oil. BESER OYE emulsifier package gives perfect scourability of the knitting oil exposed to knitted textile fabrics during washing step

Its stable chemical structure does not change during heat setting step and easily washed free from stains.

our emulsifier packages for conning oil and cotton picker solvent give 100 dh hardness stability of its emulsions

Beser Chemicals have experts on adaptation and development of emulsifiers for customer special demands

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