Oil and water do not mix normally. Because of the economical and technical reasons, oil should be used as oil in water emulsions. Emulsifiers help oil disperse and become soluble in water. Emulsifiers have a varying degree of type/structure, HLB value and composition are used for converting vegetable oil, mineral oil, pesticides, blending oils, asphalt, boron oil (soluble cutting oil) into water-soluble emulsion form.

Emulsions are affected by  pH, water hardness, conductivity and temperature of the medium. Emulsifier packages must be also formulated with corrosion and bacterial growth inhibitors in order to satisfy specific application requirements.

Emulsifiers; according to area of use are formulated with lubricants, detergents, antistatics, EP/AW (extreme pressure/antiwear) additives, corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants and defoamers in order to satisfy specific performance criterias.
Emulsifiers are used in,

  • Preparation of the textile machine oil, blend oil emulsions
  • Metal cutting, in the preparation of water soluble (boron oil) oil by mixing with mineral oil
  • Preparation of pesticide emulsions in water
  • Emulsifiers are used to ensure that the bitumen particles are dispersed in water for asphalts

Blend Oil Emulsifiers

Agricultural Pesticide Emulsifiers

Asphalt Emulsifiers

Tailor-Made Emulsifiers